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White people benefit from generational wealth, easier bank loans, higher chances of being selected for jobs and countless other privileges that have made it substantially easier for us to grow and maintain wealth. That is why it is our responsibility to open our purses and not only donate to Black organizations and support Black businesses, but also to share wealth with Black families in or around your community who may be struggling due to the pandemic of systemic racism in this country and/or COVID19. We are all needed in the fight to dismantle the systems which we have benefited from that continue to oppress BIPOC in this country.




If you are 18 or older you must register to vote. Our voices can only be heard if we use them. Register to vote today and make it a point to vote in ALL elections and make sure you have a say in who your leaders are, they are mostly responsible for implementing the changes you want to see. 




The Black Lives Matter movement was started by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi. This movement was founded in 2013 after the murder of Trayvon Martin, an innocent 17 year old Black child, by George Zimmerman who was then acquitted like so many before him. It is a movement centered around bringing attention and acknowledgment around the fact that Black lives are systemically oppressed and targeted in America. BLM works to bring Black issues to local government leaders, amplify anti-racist issues globally, and support the development of Black leadership and change. 




The Color of Change nonprofit organization was founded by James Rucker and Van Jones in 2005. They formed Color of Change in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to provide better resources to help strengthen Black voices. Color of Change is working to end racism by working in all areas of injustice that exist in America today. Together we can make effective changes to change the current rules of society and end injustice that Black lives face everyday.




Reclaim the Block is a Minneapolis Community Organization which was founded in 2018. This organization believes in strengthening its community by bringing the existence of health and safety without relying on a police force. Rather than increased regulations within their community, Reclaim the Block believes in safely organizing policies to strengthen its community by moving money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget. Please visit the Reclaim the Block website to make a donation, sign their petition, make use of their educational resources, and learn about up coming events.





The NAACP (The National Association for the Advancement if Colored People) is an organization founded in 1909 by W.E.B Du Bois, Ida B. Wells, Mary White Ovington, William English Walling, Henry Moskowitz, Archibald Grimke, Lillian Wald, and Oswald Garrison Villard. The group started in New York with efforts to organize Black Civil Rights. The NAACP asks us to join them today to take action and help build a society in which all people are treated equal, eradicating all discrimination based on race to ensure the health, safety, and well being of all people.




Black Trans Travel Fund's book sponsorship program is a program developed for Black trans women to be able to receive free copies of literature each month.We do this as a part of our commitment to investing in the lives of Black trans women, with a recognition that not only must we continue to pour resources into Black trans communities, but that community engagement in political education is a necessary part of the work required in the fight for Black and trans liberation.




Voting rights are under attack nationwide as states pass v
oter suppression laws. These laws lead to significant burdens for eligible voters trying to exercise their most fundamental constitutional right. Since 2008, states across the country have passed measures to make it harder for Americans—particularly black people, the elderly, students, and people with disabilities—to exercise their fundamental right to cast a ballot. These measures include cuts to early voting, voter ID laws, and purges of voter rolls.
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